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Sto escort pvp build

sto escort pvp build

You shout, these are Mark XII purple consoles and fleet cannons.
PvP Boot Camp 1 (Fleet NeghVar) and.S.S.
I usually let a person's first comments set the tone.
There is also an affiliated tournament, run by @pascalb1, which you and your team can participate.With great exasperation, you run through the match in your mind and say to yourself, I have the best ship Zen can buy, the best STF bordeller dk sets, the best consoles and weapons, the best carrier pets.Wait, Im tractored and what is that red symbol activating over his ship?Weve here suggestions for the new skilltree.The game is on: Fed.Sometimes you can manipulate the armor they use: For instance, I might use Energy Enversion matrix just to force someone to use TR and equp pollyweave armor no more switching armors.Coaching in small groups, helpful reading guides, sparring, skills-based education, in-depth knowledge about ship and character buildsall of these things you will find.In the weeks leading up to the launch of Boot Camp on December 29th, you might see players with PvP Boot Camp in their ship names.They deal the highest DPS in eSTFs, no contest.Youll get two engineering unlocks, choose Battery Expertise and Maximun Hull Capacity.For most part it it is easy to rambo people run in and kill them fast, high level players think what do you think I think he thinks we are going.Decent against Voth or Undine, but their control abilities are a bit wasted.Just showing you are not always a dick might break the ice into conversation.For STFs, you'll want Elite Scorpions.Everybody carries Hazard Emitters 1, and you probably want either Transfer Shield Strength 2 or Science Team 2 as shield recovery abilities.If you want damage, then you'd put in the Fleet Embassy Plasma science consoles.If you do, feel free to PM them and ask them questions.You can stick in Torpedo Spread 1 or Beam Overload 1 for the third Ensign slot, and can put in two copies of Cannon Rapid Fire (PvP) or Cannon Scatter Volley (PvE) for the Lt slots.That's also why Disruptors (or Romulan Plasma) is nice - the proc will increase damage from your hangers (as well as from you and everybody else, of course).
That remaining Lt CDR slot would be good for Attack Pattern Beta (since APO has a long cooldown anyway).

Get used to that people will use anything that is available.
I should be unstoppable.
Not really worth going epic unless somehow you find one setup that works in every situation.