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Thousand needles escort

In the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare mission "Hunted the informant Nikolai will have to be escorted through a panhard rod escort wilderness; fortunately, he's good enough at defending himself with his AK-47u and gains Ally Contractual Immortality (not too shabby for an emaciated guy captured for.
A major problem is that the inside of the tower you go through is one room with 3 levels.
It has enough health to not become a hassle, and gives you a layer of shields if you stick nearby.Dariusburst: Chronicle Saviours has "Defender" missions, where you have to guard a few supply ships offscreen and shoot down swarms of enemies before they get past you.It's gonna be dark soon, and the mean men chiefly hunt at night.Tactics Ogre is quite similar in this respect.Borderlands 2 : When the player meet up with Brick, you must follow him to find and destroy a series of mortar beacons around while a bunch of Hyperion loaders attack.Command Conquer: Renegade is infamous for two escort missions where the escortees are always ahead of the player: They wait for him at a waypoint and boldly run to the next one when the player catches up to them.Luckily, these missions are all optional.The only saving grace of this mission is that he's immune to Zero's own weapons, so you can stand "on top" of him swinging the saber and create a kind of force field.If no one pushes it for 30 seconds (or if it's let go of while on an incline, in some of the newer maps it starts going backwards.The civilians usually had unlimited respawns, but always had very low health.The charges are Insufferable Genius alchemists that keep complaining about their escort's idiocy and slow pace.Vega Strike has.

Anarchy Online has a few: Sector 28 has the Rookie Alien Hunter, who the raid force must accompany in this sector.
The escortee's AI is programmed to stay as close to you as possible, which makes sense.
Shannara : Unsurprisingly, given the previous example, The Sword of Shannara was also one big Escort Mission, this time to get Shea Ohmsford to Paranor to get the eponymous sword, and then to get him to the Warlock Lord Brona's lair to use the sword.