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Tome escort

tome escort

Use Protect from Missiles on hard routes when taking multiple eskort escort backpage attacks.
If you do not have a knife, search the nearby backpack to find one.They can end your trip quickly if they start piling on your follower.They have low defence and hitpoints and don't usually threaten your follower, but will need to be killed if they.Interestingly enough, if you manage to provide one of the campers with food just as they are about to become a Ghast, they heal anyway.However, there is no extra reward for exceeding a 100 rating.Rod of ivandis and Guthix balance potion are strongly recommended.In combat and campsite events, the number of monsters faced (or hur prostituerar man sig people helped) are determined by which follower is escorted.If the player poisons or envenoms one part of the monster, all of them become afflicted.A journey is aborted if the player chooses the escape path or teleports out of the minigame at any time.Players can choose to evade any combat events.All combat and some puzzle events are dangerous.This event only occurs at Mort'ton, and drop the remains used for the Shades of Mort'ton minigame.Giant snails attack with ranged, so Protect from Missiles can also be used.This means the player's body will typically be a meat-shield between fairly strong melee enemies and the follower.However, the time between flurries is quite long.

This strategy means that the player should typically use melee, as the melee armour will interfere with using ranged or magic.