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Escort carrier, a small aircraft carrier used in World War.
More damaging than other missiles.Armaments: Force, bit Device,.Whereas most missions actually involve many different R-craft, the R-9AD was primarily developed to make full use of its extraordinary Wave Cannon and take on missions by itself, using virtual energetic copies as backup.Eventually, the Old Oriental Gentleman, with the help of Claude, arrives at the destination safely.Donald wants Claude to protect the.This model was so successful that future models were eagerly greenlighted.Pike Creek, follow the van, protect the van from the, colombians 40,000.Claude and chaperoning the Oriental Gentleman escort södertälje on his way to Pike Creek.After arriving at Pike Creek, the Oriental Gentleman is seen locking up the Securicar van in some sort of a lock-up.Safety escort service, a service provided on and around many college and university campuses to help ensure the safety of students and staff.At the end of the mission, when the Securicar is driving into the garage, if the player drives his car inside with it, the garage door will close on the player's car and push through the ground into Blue Hell.R-9AD Escort Time, the R-9AD Escort Time, as it appears.Claude and the Oriental Gentleman driving to Shoreside Vale through the Porter Tunnel.On the way, members of Colombian Cartel start to give chase in Cartel Cruisers, trying to ram the vehicle.Mission Objectives In order to complete the mission the player must: Hold off the Colombian gang Reward The reward for completing this mission is 40,000 and the mission Decoy is unlocked.After Claude emerges from the tunnel, he finds a Cartel ambush.Motorcade, a procession of vehicles, prostitution, edit, escort ( call girl or male prostitute a sex worker who advertises their work/services inconspicuously Escort agency, a company that provides customers with sexual/romantic companions Other uses Edit Retrieved from " p?titleEscort oldid " Content is available under.R-Type Final, type, fighter, status, in Use; Space Corps, the R-9AD series contributed an important development to the R-Series by testing one of the more successful non-standard Wave Cannons.Claude, however, manages to hold off the Cartel members.

Edit, escort (band), nu-disco band from Brooklyn,.
Can intercept enemy fire.