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What does putain de bordel de merde mean

You fucked me, whorehouse your ass that squirts shit!
Baiser means to fuck, but when Djibril explains to Gilou, Je me suis baisé le genou, hes saying I fucked up my knee.
(Youre taking the kvinnlig escort piss!
It literally means something like "whore" or "hooker although is probably most similar to "fuck" in escort original tobak English in the way it is used.The chances are that if you've spent any time in France you've heard the word 'putain' or and probably uttered it yourself on numerous occasions.Karen calls her girl friends les meufs, Verlan for femmes ; Zach texts Keufs to his accomplice, to warn him of les flics (police).My family are relieved that Spiral has finished.Pute de merde de chien ( Bloody dog!) and Putain de bordel de merde!, loosely translated as For fucks sake!It was all in the name of research, though: Spiral slang neatly demonstrates some linguistic principles at work.The French noticed the similarities too, and conveniently refer to the former KGB agent as Poutine instead, because he's not the type of guy you want to call a "whore" on a daily basis.And well-loved slang words dont die.No results found for this meaning.Is that the Russian President?Bir tandmn genelde sinirlendiinde söyledii fanszca kelime escort sandra shevchenko öbei.The police, while doing plenty of swearing, use colloquial language that fans of the 80s film Betty Blue will recognise: la bagnole, le boulot (job bosser (to work).Other languages provide some of these.By contrast, Pierre uses vous with his client, Jaulin, underscoring their professional relationship.
"I don't allow my ten-year-old daughter to say it, though she probably uses it with her friends she says.
Photograph: Caroline Dubois/BBC/Son et Lumière Derivation makes good words work harder.

(Let's face it, "shit!" just doesn't do it anymore.).