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Wow worst escort quest

wow worst escort quest

Daily quests come in normal, profession, heroic, and PvP subtypes.
These messengers are beyond the level of Artificial Stupidity that the game usually displays and can barely make it to even the next-closest allied keep without your character practically holding their hands.
He is explicitly stated to be wounded, so he moves slowly.
Naturally, the Pirates will try to gun them down every step of the way, but the GF troops fire back, and are actually reasonably competent.Team Fortress Classic has an oft-overlooked gamemode called Hunted, wherein one player is the 'civilian' (an utterly useless class whose weapon is an umbrella) and the defending team (with a limited class selection) must protect him against the offending team, which is made.A particularly hair-pulling variant: the mmorpg Final Fantasy XI features an escort mission in which not only must the (underpowered and at least somewhat suicidal) escortee survive, but if at any time he sees you, you fail the mission.You have to escort a friendly NPC as he rushes into a burning village.With the guy he was supposed to be escorting still inside.In one of the Midnighter Arc missions in City of Heroes, you have to meet with an NPC named Lady Jane in a tunnel system (filled with Circle of Thorns demons and mages ) under Steel Canyon, and then escort her to a chest located.Most repeatable quests are repeatable reputation quests ( RRQs ) for increasing your reputation with a particular faction.Fan Works Inverted in With Strings Attached during the quest for the third piece of the Vasyn, where the Hunter has to escort the four across a lot of dangerous territory to get them to the Twisted Temple.Whether she walks into it or not determines what ending you get.Siren : Blood Curse Considering you play as 7 different characters across the 24 missions, you have missions where you have to snipe to protect a defenseless man and then lead him to safety, snipe to protect a little girl who's afraid of you and.And she apparently didn't train any healing spells.These were always more like a Protection Mission, the little sister stays put to collect Adam when she's not on your back, and you normally have time to fortify the perimeter.It's somewhat subverted in that during combat sequences, the escortee will do lots of dodge-rolls to make sure she gets out of the way.As a reminder of how well BioShock Infinite pulls this off, let's take a look back at some of the not-so-good escort missions in videogame history.This can happen if the party member is, for example, of the wrong class (if the quest is class-specific) or is of insufficient level.The "Goat MMO Simulator" trans escort rouen level of Goat Simulator features a quest where you have to escort an NPC named "McSlowpants".This isn't the worst part, because the mage can't die then, but the mage tends to run through the beginning area, meaning your party has to rush to make sure she doesn't die, especially on elite.The player had to escort a group of unarmed pilots to steal a fleet of battlecruisers.The Lord of the Rings Online : At the end of one of the early chapters in the epic storyline, your character has to escort an old lady named Sara Oakheart from some bandit caves.
The escort missions in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series tend to be a source of much frustration, as they require you escort an extremely dumb and often weak Pokemon who among other things, can be easily KO'd by enemy Pokemon, doesn't know how to avoid.

He is actually smart enough to avoid all the mines, but he rushes towards the enemy guns at such a relentless pace that the player will likely detonate them as they struggle to keep up, killing him with the blast.