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Xcom 2 war of the chosen escort bugged

It makes the soldiers in your roster who arent being actively used in combat feel like theyre pulling their weight, and its a way for them to progress without seeing any direct action.
That means kills can be chained together as long as you have ammo, making auto-loader mods extremely useful against them.
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Like vanilla xcom 2's intro mission, you can choose to forego the mission altogether, which will be nice for players on their second or third WotC playthrough.It takes three Covert Ops to reveal the location of each Chosen, and a difficult mission awaits once you track down them down.The distinction as to what goes where is unclear, and you cant spend any ability bride's escort gift points until you build a Training Center (another new building).The Skirmishers come with a grapple ability from the Spider Suit, plus a Viper-style grab and pull move.I didnt get to finish that fight, but Im looking forward to the opportunity for a rematch and to meet up with the third Chosen sibling, the Warlock.I went on a rescue mission that limited me to bringing three soldiers instead of four, but it had a sitrep modifier (which is visible before you enter) that gave each soldier a one-time ability to re-enter concealment.After defeating them, the game more or less continues as it normally would (although I am sure some variations are possible and I am embargo-bound not to spoil the story) but the experience (and loot) from defeating The Chosen is among the most satisfying moments.Covert Ops missions are launched through a new building called the Resistance Ring, allowing you to earn bonuses akin to the policy system in the.I also had a little success in using them against the Advent if you can position yourself so that the Advent are between you and the Lost, theyll attack the closest target, and at the very least theyll soak up some Advent fire for you.Ramping that thing up early feels like it could be a viable new early-game progression path.I can only imagine the nightmare she and the other Chosen will cause when they show up in missions on higher difficulty.Among a long list of other stuff, the expansion brings new missions, enemies, and resistance factions you'll encounter in your fight against the alien menace.But calling for extraction cranked the security level up to 10 instantly, which had new dropships full of enemies arriving every turn.Either way, I finally managed to catch the Assassin out of stealth a few times and delivered enough damage to trigger a retreat.These maps are full of grim and gray bombed-out buildings that contrast starkly with the gleaming Advent-built cities weve fought in thus far.War of the Chosen adds a lot to make one of the best PC games even better, but more than anything I'm excited for all the personality it breathes into the alien conflict.And of course, Id be remiss to not discuss the Photobooth feature.

Occasionally a covert mission will get ambushed, forcing you to take control of the squad (normally two or three soldiers) and escort them to safety.
The Chosen arent the hyper-difficult enemies you may have expected.
Using an explosive all but guarantees a pack of The Lost will appear on scene, making you think twice about using one the most valuable tools in the.